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Before continuing the topic, you should know that most templates are built using Elementor, so make sure that page builder is enabled in Custom post types

Product Specifications

Product specifications are Custom Post Types to create and display posts about product technical specifications, product descriptions, and download links for product specification files. 

There is one section in the post that will only be displayed on the specification category page but does not appear on the post's frontend page.

This means that the template on the page builder created this section to be displayed on the specifications category page.

This section will work when populated with the following CSS classes:



Mega Menu

Mega Menu is one of the features provided by ElementsKit. This theme provides a template for displaying mega menus.

First, activate the Megumenu option in the Modules section of the ElementsKit menu.

Then go to Appearance > Menu, then check the "Enable this menu for Megamenu content" option then click the Mega Menu button on the menu item

A popup will appear, make sure the "Megamenu enabled" option is activated then click "Edit Megamenu Content"

Header & Footer

Headers and Footers are built using ElementsKit, you can find them on ElementsKit > My Templates


Offcanvas is one of the sections in the Header. To edit it you need to edit from ElementsKit > My Templates

Click "Hide Panel" when the Header appears on the page builder

Click "Offcanvas Header" when the panel is hidden

Click "Show Panel" again so that Offcanvas can be edited

Click the element found on Offcanvas

You can edit Offcanvas from the widget area window that appears

How to Edit Forms

The forms in the template are built using MetForm. To edit these forms go to the MetForm > Form, then edit the form with Elementor

Electronic Grade: How to Edit or Add slides on the Carousel

The Carousel feature is used on the front page of the Electronic Grade demo. Here's how to edit slides or add your own slides.

Make sure that the Carousel sections that will be displayed are available in the Elementor Template Library

You can edit the contents of the carousel section from the Elementor Library Template

After all the contents of the carousel section are ready, then set it on the carousel slider on the front page. Edit the front page with the Elementor, then edit the Premium Carousel element, and then set the carousel template post you need.

To add a new carousel/slide item, click the "Add Item" button at the bottom of the Templates section

How to Change the Background Image on the Header / Hero section

Go to Appearance > Header Footer & Block, then edit the Hero on the post you need to modify

then set the background image you want