Installation - Upgrading Your Theme to Vast Ultimate

Congratulations on your purchase of Vast Ultimate. If you're a previous user of Vast Themes, you can follow this guide

1. First, you can deactivate the Vast Themes that currently installed on your site, go ahead and click on the Appearance menu on your WordPress admin sidebar:

2. Go ahead and click on the Activate button on any other theme that's installed on your website, if you don't have any other theme on your website you can install a WordPress' default theme:

3. Click on the Vast Themes that you've previously deactivated, a popup will appear. Click on the Delete button on the bottom right corner of the popup:

4. Once you've deleted the old Vast Themes, you can install the downloaded package. Extract the, inside it you will find a package called vast_THEME. Go ahead and click on the Add New button on the Appearance > Themes menu on your WordPress admin sidebar:

5. You will be taken to a new window, click on the Upload Theme button and choose your file, then click on the Install Now button like this:

6. After the installation successfully finished, you can click on the Activate button like this: