Installation - Plugin Installation from Vast Ultimate

After activating the Vast Ultimate theme, you need to install additional plugins so the theme would work properly. Shortly after you've installed the theme you will be redirected to the Starter Guide page, it's best to watch them so you will understand how to operate the Theme.

After you've finished watching the guide you can go click on the Begin Installing Plugins on this notice:

Click on the topmost tick box, then select the Install menu on the Bulk Actions drop-down menu and click on the Install button to begin:

Wait for a few moments for the installer to finish, then a success notice will appear. Scroll down and click on the Return to Required Plugins Installer link to activate the plugin.

The same goes like we install the theme, select all the plugins and select the Activate option on the dropdown, click Apply to begin activating the plugins.

A Success window will appear when you're finished installing the plugins, now you're ready to use the Vast Ultimate!