Give - Donation Plugin Quick Setup

The Donatics Theme features Give Plugin which allows you to open a donation form, report, and monitor your donation for your organization. 

Here's how you can set it up to begin your donation campaign:

  1. After you've installed the Give plugin go to Donations menu on your WordPress admin sidebar
  2. click on the Add Form sub-menu to create a new form
  3. On Donation Options tab you can set the donation to Multi-level Donation or you can set up a one donation price with Set Donation Option.
  4. if you choose a Multi-level Donation option, you can set the Donation Level. For this example, we use $1, $5, and $10. if you want to add more option you can click on the blue Add Level button
  5. After you Finished setting up the donation campaign you can add a name to this campaign and click on the Publish button.
  6. to put the campaign on a page you can copy the shortcode like the image below and set it on a text element on King Composer builder