How to use Ketocist Graphic Assets

We're happy to share Ketocist WordPress Theme Assets with you. You could edit, delete, export, and use for your site needs.

1) You could edit this file by login/signup and it will automatically duplicate in your draft. 

2) Edit the following background/asset. In this example, I want to change the color of a shape. 

3) Export the following background by following the 5’s step in bellow 

  1. Choose the background by double click  until you get the background
  2. Click plus icon on the export panel that located in the bottom right
  3. Choose the file type. You could choose PNG / JPG / SVG / PDF. For background, we recommend PNG  / JPG.
  4. Choose the file resolution. In that case, I choose 2x
  5. Export. You’ll get the background file to your local storage

Here is the figma asset link that you can use: 

Here is the additional font link: