Import the Groomly Shop demo

One of the three demos available, the Groomly Shop Demo needs to be imported manually with the WordPress Importer, in most cases, this demo cannot be imported with the Vast Demo Importer

Here's a guide so you can import the Groomly Shop demo:

  1. Install the WordPress Importer plugin, go to Tools > Import, then click the Install Now link on the WordPress item 
  2. Click the Run Importer link after the plugin installation process is complete (You can also download the plugin from the following link
  3. Select the groomlyshop.xml file to upload, you can find the XML file in the following directory \demo_import_files\shop\
  4. Select the options needed, then check the Download and import file attachments option 
  5. Import the slider, go to the Smart Slider page, select the groomlyshop.ss3 file, find the file in the following folder \demo_import_files\shop\

  6. The page will be displayed as a raw code after the above process.  don't worry, you only need to update each page that has been imported, click Edit link then click the Update button, 

     now the page should work. 

  7. Import the QuadMenu Options, find groomlyshop_quadmenu.json files in the following folder \demo_import_files\shop  Open json files with a text editor or notepad application then select all text then copy  Then paste them in QuadMenu Options and then import 

  8. Install the Customizer Export/Import plugin and activate it, then import the groomlyshop.dat file from the following folder \demo_import_files\shop
  9. Install the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin and activate it, then import the groomlyshop.wie file from the following folder \demo_import_files\shop