Cleanco - Upload SVG files for "slider-section-3"

If you install Cleanco Demo 2, you will find a "slider-section-3" that uses SVG icon objects on several layers. The SVG icon is used to be able to display different color effects when an icon object has hovered. But since Revolution Slider released an update for version 6.x, this feature is categorized as a premium feature and the use of SVG can only be used if the user has a purchase code for the plugin. The following documentation can only be used for Slider Revolution version 5.x plugins users.

When you edit a layer object you will not find the SVG icon as used in the demo because the files have not been uploaded. 

You can download SVG files from the links below

You can also download the SVG files package from the link below

Upload the files in the following directory  /wp-content/plugins/revslider/public/assets/assets/svg/action


Users who have used the Revolution Slider version 6.x plugin can replace SVG with PNG. We have provided a zip file that can be directly imported from your Slider dashboard. Please download the zip file from the link below: